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Demostrations and workshops title
Demonstrations and workshops are devised with your needs in mind and delivered expertly, confidently and with an engaging style all her own.


Chris has experienced working with a wide range of people and abilities within mainstream, high secure and special needs schools, colleges, businesses, various centres and places of worship.
Workshops may include demonstrating a variety of techniques using mediums such as water colour, acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils, inks charcoal, collage, printing, fabric work/costume design and the use of computerised imagery within fine art.

Funding for workshops is often a possibility; simply contact for advice and information.

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Chris doing a demonstation   Bedroom Mural above a bed in pinks and purples   Painting of poppies  
“Here Chris is demonstrating fine art, water colour techniques.”
“Creative ideas and keeping within a budged were the prerequisites for this project. Here Chris helped a single parent group revamp their home with fabric and paint.”
‘’Poppies wall hanging’’
6’ x 5’ collage on brushwood screen. This large decorative wall hanging was created during some art workshops for youth groups.

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